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There are so many reasons to choose WordPress. It’s open source (free), it’s easily edited and added to which is important for many clients, it’s dynamic, SEO friendly (Google loves WordPress) and it’s mobile friendly. There are many more reasons but these are the top ones for why a business or individual should consider a WordPress website. I offer several packages for creating websites. Please read this for more information.
Robyn has been a lifesaver. I desperately needed to redo my site and get a logo. Robyn did all that and more. I love my new website. It’s so clean and professional! I adore my new logo. When it came time to do my business cards I needed help and she came to the rescue and did custom cards for me. She is the best! Danielle Dellaquila

Nutritionist, Eagle Vision Nutrition


The best solution for my clients. Once the site is live, WordPress is the easiest system to run your business with and the most adaptable to future changes and additions.


It’s important to get visitors to sign up for your newsletter. It’s one of the best ways to reach your customers (and it’s free advertising for you). I believe MailChimp is easiest to use without sacrificing functionality and design.

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I recommend SiteGround to my customers. SiteGround offers affordable packages for their fast, reliable and secure hosting services. Click on the image to purchase a hosting plan.