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Kirsten had a couple of websites that she wanted combined and streamlined. We kept most of her branding but focused in on the vision she had for her services and showcased her incredible style.


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The bakery wanted a fresh new look featuring the beautiful photos of their baked goods that was also mobile responsive and easy to navigate.


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The Hale House of Boston is a beautiful senior citizen retirement home in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston. They recently had a photoshoot and needed a mobile responsive and updated website to show off the beautiful pictures of their facility and residents. They also wanted the ability to allow potential volunteers and employees to apply online.


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Jill’s original website was quite nice but was starting to feel dated. She had a recent photoshoot and wanted to give her website an up to date and new fresh look. She wanted a website that’s a classy and fashionable as she is!


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Corporate Entrepreneurs had an older website filled with blog posts and information. They wanted to have a new website that was easier to read, mobile responsive and organized. Their clients are mostly corporations so they needed a website to demonstrate their professionalism and expertise.


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Susan had a website that was updated on some pages but most were older and not mobile responsive. We decided to go ahead and redesign the whole website and adding some new features like e-commerce/shopping cart.


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Linda had a website that was mostly a blog. She has great information but also offers coaching services. We decided on a redesign so that it would be easier for viewers to see what she does and reach her as well as sign up for her newsletter.


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Danielle had a website that had a lot of text but needed something a little more visually interesting. She creates delicious and healthy food as well as educates her clients about nutrition and weight loss. We wanted to showcase this and also set her up with e-commerce so that her clients can purchase her services and supplements easily.


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Anne-Marie wanted a simple yet effective website for stressed out new moms who are having trouble breastfeeding to be able to find her. She needed a website to convey her warmth and expertise in this important field and to also allow her potential clients to contact her easily.


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MEM Capital advisors needed an online presence. We decided to do an informational and mobile responsive website about their services with many call to actions for clients to be able to contact them.


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St. Richard of Chichester had a very old and outdated site. The needed a website that was current and mobile responsive. They also needed some more complex features like an events calendar and an online membership form making their website much more functional and usable for their parish.


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E+ Homes needed a simple website to go up quickly for a new building project. They needed a way for potential buyers to find them and contact them and to see what this eco friendly building is all about.


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